Whether in a tent or a caravan – sleeping in the great outdoors is always something special. We've thought of a few handy tips and tricks to make sure nothing stops you from spending a night under the starry sky.

#1 My home is my castle

Choosing the right tent is key - is all depends on the size. Tip: It's best to buy a tent that has space for an extra person. Organisation is also essential - even in a tent. So that you don't have to keep looking for small utensils and can quickly find your torch at night tape a piece of T-Rex® onto the inside of your tent so that you have everything you need within reach. Is your tent a long-term companion but now has a few leaks as well? T-Rex® Clear will make your tent stay dry even in the rain and allow you to keep your favourite tent for a bit longer.

Shoes off in the tent! You should always stick to this rule to keep the inside clean and dry. You can't get rid of dirt that easily! Whether it's in your sleeping bag, on your clothes or on the floor, grains of sand hide themselves everywhere.

Airbed broken?

No worries. A strip of T-Rex® Clear will fix it easily and allow you to go back to sleep in peace. When it's cold at night take your drinks bottle into your sleepig bag with you. Otherwise it might freeze. Just make sure that the bottle doesn't leak - you could always wrap in a plastic bag or something similar to make sure.

#2 The right equipment

T-Rex® is a multi-functional and all-round repair mateiral that you should always carry with you. Not got any more space in your backpack, but want your T-Rex® Tape with you in case you need it? Use our ultimate tip! But we have more tips and tricks on the right equipment for you:

  • Whatever you’re taking with you, from tents and camping stoves to pans and torches. Test your equipment before you set off for your adventure, so there aren’t any nasty surprises.
  • Never forget your aluminum foil when camping. Just like T-Rex® it’s an all-rounder; you can cook potatoes, meat and vegetables over the campfire in it or save already cooked food in it so it lasts longer.
  • Music will put you in a good mood. Want to listen to your favourite music every now and then in between enjoying the quietness of nature? Then put your phone in a ceramic mug, and you’ve got your own loud speaker.
  • So as not take the proverbial kitchen sink with you, why not put your spices inside small Tic-Tac boxes and store them in a zip-lock bag. Then you’ll have everything you need with you when you’re cooking and won’t have to go without a delicious meal.
  • To dry your clothes after an exhausting day of hiking, you could also just attach your washing line (a rope, for example) to a tree using a piece of T-Rex® Tape.

#3 Rest days

Camping for more than one day in the same place? We’ve thought of a few helpful tips you can use for your free time at your campsite so you don’t miss out on any fun. Don’t let a broken fishing rod ruin your dinner. To still be able to catch fish with it, just take a piece of T-Rex® Tape and wrap it around the broken part. And then you’ve got a working fishing rod again!

Now your rod works again, but there’s a hole in your fishing trousers? T-Rex® can help you once again. With a piece of T-Rex® Clear you can repair the hole without seeing the tape, and get back in the weather. Happy fishing!

Prefer wilder waters?

With a kayak or boat you can explore all of the nature around you. But don’t worry, your T-Rex® Tape is always with you so nothing will get into your boat. If you’re looking to relax after an exhausting day, just build yourself a hammock using T-Rex® Tape! Enjoy your rest!