Spring, summer or autumn – hiking is always an adventure, any time of the year!! Just get out into nature and treat yourself to a little (or big) break.
T-Rex® is a trusted and important companion for hikers. We've also put together some tips and tricks for you to make your hiking experience unforgettable.

#1 Make sure you've got the right shoes!

The right shoes are the be-all and end-all of a hiking trip. You can enjoy the adventure much more if you haven't got to worry about shoes that don't fit or socks that rub. Hiking boots should be well broken-in, ideally go higher than your ankles and have a grippy sole. But choosing the right socks is key. Tip: Use Deer Tallow Cream on your feet to make them more resilient and protect them from blisters and minor injuries. The best choice when it comes to socks is merino wool, with reinforced areas at the balls of your feet and heels. If you're going on a multi-day walking tour, wear the same socks on consecutive days. Sweat creates a protective layer that stops them from rubbing.

There's nothing more annoying than your shoes packing in whilst you're on a hike. But this doesn't have to be a problem: With a piece of T-Rex® you can tape your shoes up and reach your destination with your feet still dry! If the inside of your hiking boots get wet because of rain or sweat, hot stones will work wonders: Just heat up a few stones at the end of the day (maybe on the campfire) and leave these in your boots overnight. Cover them up, and your boots will dry as you sleep. Next mornig you can set off on your adventure with dry feet!

#2 Weather

Bad weather should never hold you back from going on a hike, so a walk in the rain can still be incredibly beautiful and rewarding. But it's still a MUST to check the weather forecast. Especially in the mountains, where one should always prepare for treacherous weather. Choose appropriate clothes for the weather in store and ideally bring some sort of rain protection with you. Search out shelter if it rains.

Want to take a short rest in the rain but can't find any shelter? Then build your own using T-Rex® and some tarpaulin so you can at least take a short break and regain your strength for the rest of your hike.